Behind every bondage, affliction, torment and demonic influence is witchcraft. A good understanding of the activities of the spirit of witchcraft in the human experience will help us know how to deal with it. A lot of people are going through untold pains and troubles today because they do not understand the operation of this anti-destiny enemy of mankind.  This is why this book has been put together for your deliverance from this daily enemy of ours.


Over the last twenty years in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministry, I have come to the simple conclusion that if we are to properly deal with the spirit of witchcraft which daily attacks our destinies, we will become successful in every area of our lives, no matter which part of the world we choose to live in.  But the mere mention of witchcraft strikes and creates fear of danger in the hearts of men and women.  Therefore, this public enemy number one, conquered by our Master and Lord Jesus Christ, continues to operate against mankind without any form of challenge.


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