Altar Vs Altars


BEYOND DELIVERANCE (DELIVERANCE BY SACRIFICE) INTRODUCTION: I have been ministering deliverance to countless number of people for the past twenty-six years with outstanding results. I have engaged in individual, group and mass deliverance sessions lasting for hours with amazing testimonies coming out of them. God has always shown Himself mighty with evidence of His presence everywhere I have had opportunity to minister; I have no regrets whatsoever for being called into this result oriented ministry. I count it a great privilege. I have written six books on deliverance and many articles, and some of the books are best sellers and are being used in many Bible Colleges as text books in Nigeria, the United States, United Kingdom as well as other parts of the world. However, one thing has bothered my mind all these years, which is: Why is it that many people’s situation refused to change even after they get delivered? I have seen demons leave many lives, with the root cause(s) of their problems identified and rooted out, yet their situations did not change. I have had cause to minister again and again to make sure that no point of contact or deposit is left anywhere, yet that did not produce any result. I have fasted for some cases for manifestation of evidence, yet in some of these instances, I did not get results. Why? Why? Why? This was my question for many years, but thank God for His faithfulness. About a year ago, He spoke to me concerning this and gave me answers to my many questions. Hence, this book Deliverance by Sacrifice. This is the reason for writing this book. The answer is that Deliverance does not give you what you want, but rather it opens the gate to what you want. Deliverance deals with the issues of past events and activities that have created the present problems. Deliverance detaches you from the past, but does not take you to the future. Deliverance ministration destroys the old altars and their voices against us, but does not raise a new altar for the next level. This is the reason why many people have gone for deliverance ministrations, fasted, gone for all-night meetings and yet the evidence is yet to be seen. Beyond deliverance is an attempt to give answer and insight to too many questions in the minds of people. When we destroy the old altar through deliverance ministration, it becomes mandatory for us to raise a new altar with sacrifices for us to move to the next level or provoke evidenc


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