Breaking Faulty Family Foundation


Over the last 35 years, I have taken the message of deliverance and spiritual warfare to many nations of
the world. I have come to a conclusion that total deliverance from all forms of satanic oppression
cannot be complete without a careful look into the family foundation. Everything a man will become on
earth will be influenced to a large extent by his family foundation.

Your real enemies are not without; they are within and if the enemy within does not sell you off through
witchcraft, the enemy without cannot capture you.
The Bible says that a man’s enemies shall be members of his own household. (Micah 7:6) Joseph wasn’t sold into slavery by his friends or neighbours, it was his brothers that sold him. Jephthah was driven out of the
community by strangers; it was his own brothers that fought him out of the house. Judas was the finance
minister of Jesus’ ministry, yet, it was he who betrayed him.

In this book, I will be addressing the place of witchcraft in families and individual lives. Then we would look
into the various types of family foundations with their symptoms. We would also be looking into some keys
to breaking free. I dare say, as you read this book, your freedom is here at last. Open your heart and don’t be
distracted. My God will reveal to you the answers to your questions.

Bishop Abraham Chigbundu
Benin, Nigeria


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