I Believe in Deliverance


So much has been written on deliverance and so many people have gone through several forms of deliverance ministrations yet, some people are not totally free from the grip of demonic powers. Total freedom has eluded them. This has posed many questions in the minds of many believers.

Does it mean that one has to go through deliverance (continually) all through one’s life? Can’t one be delivered once and for all? How many times should one go through deliverance ministrations before total freedom is attained and ascertained? These and many other tough questions keep going through the minds of many Christians. From experience and by reason of my deep insights as a deliverance minister, I am convinced that, the reason so many people have been going through deliverance ministrations without permanent solution is the lack of knowledge of the origin of deliverance ministry.

Many deliverance ministrations are based on present happenings instead of the origin of the problem. Many of the ministers concentrate their efforts on symptoms rather than the causes of the symptoms. You cannot kill a tree by just cutting only the branches. Many of the ministrations are like cutting off the branches of the tree. This gives momentary solution but with time, the tree brings forth new branches with fresh leaves.

This is exactly what is happening to a lot of people. The branches of their problems have been cut, but the root causes are still alive and until the root is dug up and examined, there can be no effective diagnosis and effective prescription for permanent treatment. The problem therefore remains unsolved and keeps re-surfacing in many ways.

In my second book “Discover to Recover”, I stated that, “Until you discover the origin of your problems, you might not recover from it.” Friend, demons operate on a legal ground (which Satan gained when Adam transgressed) and until such legal ground is broken, they will not stop harassing anyone they operate in. they may disappear because of the anointing from the minister, but they will definitely come back because their legal ground is not broken.

In this book, my goal is to help you understand better what deliverance is an how any victim could be totally delivered to enjoy fully, the freedom that Christ has given to all Christians to enjoy. May God deliver you from any form of satanic oppression, depression and bondage, and grant you access to your covenant rights and privileges to enjoy abundant living for the rest of your life on earth!

I Believe in Deliverance


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