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The Voice of Freedom Ministries is a dynamic and fast growing Church, dedicated to the total liberation of the lives of men and women from satanic bondages. The Ministry seeks to break the chains and yokes that seem inextricable in the eyes of many who have been held bound by unseen forces of evil. Bishop (Dr.) Abraham Chigbundu is the man who God has chosen to pilot the affairs of this unique ministry.

The Voice of Freedom Ministries Int'l Inc which was until 1st January, 2000 known as The Mark of Christ Ministries Inc started as a Fellowship on the 23rd March, 1983. Soon, the impact of the fellowship was felt in the realms of the spirit and this attracted reactions in the form of persecutions to unsettle it.

In November 1986, Bishop Chigbundu introduced deliverance ministration into the fellowship, which resulted in population explosion as more women and men joined the fellowship. The direction of the ministration at this stage began to change with the introduction of deliverance ministration. It was no longer seen as a 'mere' house fellowship, but rather, as a ministry about to be hatched. The rate at which new members came in increased and by August, 1987, the membership had risen to one hundred and fifty. it secured a place large enough to accommodate everyone at 139, Sapele Road Benin City in September, 1987, and remained there for a long time.

During the period of relocation, many members fell away and it seems as just starting all over again.

In 1988, Tuesday meetings were introduced. Hitherto, meetings were held on Saturdays only. The first Tuesday meeting was attended by only four persons.

In the light of the foregoing, Bishop (Dr.) Abraham Chigbundu, sought the face of God and got His approval to undertake a thorough re-organisation of the fellowship and decided that it would not simply be a fellowship but a full fledged Ministry. Thus, the Mark of Christ Ministries was born, with Dr. Chigbundu as the leader and presiding Minister.

It is pertinent to note that the present Voice of Freedom Ministry became a ministry in 1989 and has since then grown to attain worldwide recognition. Sunday service which was the beginning of 'church' based ministry started on the 10th of March 1996. Before then, services were held on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, the name of the ministry was changed in January 2000 to reflect God's call, assignment and mandate upon Rev (Dr) Abraham Chigbundu. The emphasis of the ministry is total freedom for the total man-spirit, soul and body. This ministry, through its faith clinic, has set at liberty many demons possessed, afflicted and tormented persons.

The Ministry began to propagate God's word in printed form with the establishment of the “Voice of Freedom Publications.” It has since published many books; amongst which are; 'Loose him and let him go' 'Discover to recover' 'Changing the Wicked Times and Seasons' 'I believe in deliverance' 'Achievers' secrets' 'Witchcraft manipulations exposed' 'Learning in the School of Marriage' etc. These books have blessed many lives both within and outside our shores.

The Freedom Bible College, an arm of the Ministry, was established because of the need to train people in Theology and deliverance as well as equipping them to war against the dark kingdom. It has truly lived up to this vision.

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