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Freedom Bible College Registration
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
State of Origin:
Residential Address:
Telephone No.:
Marital Status:
Date of Marriage:
Marriage Conducted in Church:
Name of Church:
Number of Children:
Place of Work/School:
Office/Business Address:
Position in Office/Business:
Office/Business Telephone:
Date employed:
Academic Records:

(Please enter Name & address of Institutions attended, period and Qualification obtained for each)

Are you born again:
Details of how you got born again:
Date you got born again:
Have you been baptised by immersion:
Have you been baptised in the Holy Ghost:
Name/Address of present church:
Which group(s) do you belong to in the church:
What office do you hold in the church:
Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1. Cor 12:8-11) operating in your life:
Why do you want to train in the college:
Have you ministered deliverance to anyone before:
Are you being sponsored by your church:
In submitting this form, you hereby declare and undertake as follows:

That all the information given in this form are to the best of your knowledge and belief correct. That any false or incomplete information given in this form will automatically disqualify you from being considered for admission or continuing with your studies in Freedom Bible College. That you promise to abide by the College rules and regulations, and to avoid and shun anything that will bring the Name of Jesus Christ and the College to disrepute.

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