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Faith Clinic | VFM Outreach
The Faith Clinic as its name implies, is a clinic where adequate attention is given to spiritual problems without the use of medicine. Everything is by faith in Jesus Christ, based on the scriptures. Deliverance is part of salvation. Thus, the Clinic takes care of the patient's spiritual needs from the moment he/she becomes born again: needs arising from sickness, oppression, and other problems caused by evil spirits.

For effectiveness, we do in depth teaching to inform patients of the possible root cause(s) of their spiritual problems, the spirit(s) responsible, how to become free, and how to remain free.
Are you sick, oppressed and manipulated by the evil forces?
Come to our Faith Clinic and get your freedom or contact us through phone or online for further information and assistance.

Wed & Thur: 1st Week - Teachings
Wed & Thur: 2nd Week - Counseling and Ministrations

If you are in need of the services available in the Faith Clinic and cannot visit Benin City, Nigeria, you can contact us either by phone or e-mail and we will immediately get back to you and render useful assistance that will greatly benefit you and your household.
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