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Mighty Men | Cardinal Groups
The Mighty Men is one of the main arms of Voice of Freedom Ministries International (VFMi) with headquarters at the International Headquarter, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria; ministering to the peculiarities of the men folk.

The purpose of Mighty Men is to build and equip men based on biblical principles so that they can be scripturally balanced, and thus become better men, husbands, fathers and leaders in the church and their communities. It also provides a forum where men can come together discuss on issues bothering them and proffer solutions based on biblical doctrines.

We hold conventions and evangelistic Programmes annually, reaching out to men and rescuing them from the grip of Satan and hell, giving them a sense of belonging, enhancing their lives spiritually, morally and socially. We also organize Programmes that build on strong Christian marriages and homes.

Furthermore, we assist in the fulfillment of the ministry and calling of the General Overseer of Voice of Freedom Ministries, Bishop Dr Abraham Chigbundu.

Membership of Mighty Men Fellowship is made up of all married and single men thirty years and above.The administration of the fellowship rests on the shoulders of the Executive Committee members appointed by the General Overseer of the Church, Bishop Dr. Abraham Chigbundu.

The FREEDOM LADIES Fellowship is an arm of VOICE OF FREEDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL under the leadership of the Pastor's wife, REV. MRS. FLORENCE CHIGBUNDU. It consists of Married women. They are known as Proverbs 31 women.

Our vision is to assist our parent body, VOICE OF FREEDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL to actualize her vision of LIBERATING MEN AND WOMEN FROM SATANIC BONDAGE.
To empower women spiritually, physically, materially and economically by providing an avenue where women could stand and function amongst others;
Be taught and equipped for effective and efficient performance of their God given roles and responsibilities in their respective families and communities.
Learn the virtue of industry so that they can positively affect their families, communities and society.
 It is the yearly women conference of the VOICE OF FREEDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL.


1.    Since a FREEDOM LADY is a Proverbs 31 woman, her qualities are those of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:10-31.
2.    Morally perfect (Vs.10): She conducts herself properly.
3.    Invaluable (Vs.10): Her esteem is so high that no price can be placed on her.
4.    Trustworthy (Vs.11): She is reliable.
5.    Inherently good and true.
6.    Ingenious, proficient (Vs.12): Makes progress in learning.
7.    Laborious (Vs.14): She is devoted not lazy.
8.    Considerate (Vs.15): She is thoughtful for the feelings and interests of others.
9.    She is judicious (Vs.16): She is capable of discerning good and bad, right and wrong and does that which is good and right.
10.    Healthy (Vs.17): She takes necessary precautions to remain healthy.
11.    Cautious (Vs.18): She is sober, vigilant and alert.
12.    Energetic (Vs.27): She is active. She is a participator and not an observer.
13.    An ideal wife and mother (Vs.27-28): She performs her duties as a wife and a mother.
14.    Honoured by her family (Vs.28): She is highly regarded by her family.
15.    Honoured by the public: She is highly regarded and appreciated outside her home.
16.    God fearing (Vs.30): She is prayerful and humble.
17.    Successful (Vs.30): She performs well
1.    To build her home and ultimately her society.
Prov. 14:1.
2.    Loving her husband.
3.    Obeying her husband.
4.    Managing her home and its functions.
5.    To be discrete.
6.    To be chaste.
7.    To serve and minister in the church.
8.    To win souls for Christ (Isaiah 52:7, Prov. 11:30b, Romans 10:14c).

This is the Youth arm of VOICE OF FREEDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL. The purpose of having a youth arm is so as to be in a position to attend to the peculiarities of the youth because we believe that without God fearing, Spirit-filled youths, we have no future.

We take time to teach our youths to lead exemplary Christian lifestyles in the light of 1Tim 4:12. Ministering to their emotions, personalities based on sound biblical principles so that on the whole, they can be bold, confident and balanced individuals well able to lead themselves and others.

Periodic academic assistance through holiday lectures. Seminars and workshops, camp meetings are organized for fellowship and interaction among youths for growth in career development, business, relationships.
Skill acquisition Programmes are also organized so that the youths can be gainfully employed and financially empowered.

Youths are actively engaged in reaching out to other youths in our communities with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We reach out to schools, hospitals, markets, prisons etc. We are also actively engaged in the church projects such as building projects and the like. These activities help to keep the youths engaged and also give them opportunities for skills acquisition.

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