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June 2017, the month of EVIDENCE
Thu,08 Jun 2017
I welcome you into the month of June, the month of EVIDENCE Key Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-22.I, Bishop... Read More Here.
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Something Big is Coming...Watch out #vfmtp #vfmgel2017
Watch Out!
Something Big is Coming...Watch out #vfmtp... Read More Here.
FAITH... Read More Here.
Every Sunday-8am-10am
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Voice of Freedom Ministries Intl Inc.
21 Adesuwa Grammar School Road, G.R.A., Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. +2348103943816, +2348075896597.
Welcome Friend, and God bless you richly!
It is our humble privilege to welcome you to Voice of Freedom Outreach. Here, everyday is a plus as we celebrate the abundance of God's grace and goodness made available to us, because we are light bearers and life transformers. Remember the word of God is the power and force of creation. As you expose your life to the authenticity of God's word, it has the power to turn your life in the direction of his will for you. Worship with us, feel the unusual ambiance of his presence and be transformed by the power of the spoken word. Amen"

- Bishop Dr & Rev. (Mrs.) Abraham Chigbundu
About Voice of Freedom Ministries
The Voice of Freedom Ministries is a dynamic and fast growing Church, dedicated to the total liberation of the lives of men and women from satanic bondages. The Ministry seeks to break the chains and yokes that seem inextricable in the eyes of many who have been held bound by unseen forces of evil. Bishop (Dr.) Abraham Chigbundu is the man who God has chosen to pilot the affairs of this unique ministry.

The Voice of Freedom Ministries Int'l Inc which was until 1st January, 2000 known as The Mark of Christ Ministries Inc started as a Fellowship on the 23rd March, 1983. Soon, the impact of the fellowship was felt in the realms of the spirit and this attracted reactions in the form of persecutions to unsettle it.

In November 1986, Bishop Chigbundu introduced deliverance ministration into the fellowship, which resulted in population explosion as more women and men joined the fellowship. The direction of the ministration at this stage began to change with the introduction of deliverance ministration...Read More
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June 2017, the month of EVIDENCE :
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